A project I am particularly proud of - working alongside Zak Coleman 
(UG Sabbatical Officer) on a climate change manifesto, interactive publication: 
Cambridge SU's 'Manifesto For A Fossil Free University'. 
This document called for immediate action from Cambridge University to ‘zero carbon emissions by 2030’, and to cut ties with fossil fuel funders / financiers.

Deliverables - 19 page interactive document | main logo & 3 sub logos | typeface | illustration | publication layout & design.
I conceptualised, project managed and designed an eye-catching interactive document that encapsulated very serious socio-political and climate change themes. I illustrated and a graphic poster that could be easily recreated on cardboard signage with yellow / black paint, for use in peaceful protests.
I designed 4 logos for the Fossil Free Cambridge -  manifesto; 
Fossil Free Cambridge (main), Fossil Free Campus / Estates / Finance (sub).
The ring around the logo represents an oil stain, whilst broken to evoke the need to 'fix' this issue, with the main ‘cause’ being the text - focused in the core of the logo.
In application, the sticker / stamp mark can be placed over any background / image.
Sticking to a one / two tone logo will resonate better with the core value of the project and sustainability IF printed, and will cost less to reproduce in print. 
This would also make the logo easy to recreate if hand painted on protest signage, instead of using unsustainable printing methods.
Colours -  tightly linked with sustainability / earth tones / environment / power.
I created workable sans serif, brush-stroke typeface for use throughout FFC's visuals and communications. I hand drew the elements in line with the theme.
Follow link below to read the manifesto - 
Cambridge SU's 'Manifesto For A Fossil Free University' by Zak Coleman.
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